Marseille, Frankreich  /  3.9.2017  -  8.9.2017

International Conference on Laser Ablation (Cola 2017)

Laser ablation relies on a wide range of physical and chemical mechanisms taking place at different temporal and spatial scales, starting from attosecond and atomic size. Scientific community investigates this field for thirty years and numerous questions are still open. Moreover, new exciting challenges continuously appear with the fast technological advances of the laser sources and the characterization techniques. Laser ablation is also the starting point of a large amount of industrial processes in many application fields like manufacturing, microelectronics, automotive, diagnostics, medical and others. Since 1991, COLA conference brings together scientists from around the world to discuss the latest scientific and technological advances related to new fundamental and applied aspects of laser ablation. After Cairns (Australia) in 2015, COLA will take place in Marseille (France) from 3 to 8 september 2017.