Prof. Dr. Werner Platzer

Coordination International Business Development

Research focus

The key research areas of Prof. Platzer cover the optical properties and heat transport for solar thermal concentrator technology, especially for Linear Fresnel collectors and solar tower heliostat fields. Because of his focus in techno-economic system optimization he deals with aspects like hybridization of CSP with PV or the impact of different high-temperature storage options. Another research topic is the energy efficiency and integration of solar thermal heat in industrial processes.

Curriculum vitae

2018        Coordinator International Business Development
2016        Executive Director Fraunhofer Chile Center for Solar Energy Technology, Santiago
2016        Honorary Professor, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources
2011        Director of Division Solar Thermal and Optics
2008        Head of Department Materials Research and Applied Optics
2005        Head of Group Group Light Technology and Solar Concentration
2004        CTO Glassx AG, Zürich (on leave)
1992        Head of Group Windows and Facade Development
1990        Postdoc Univ. Uppsala
1988        Dissertation on Optics and Heat Transport Transparent Insulation
1984        Researcher at Fraunhofer ISE
1982        Diploma in Theoretical Solid State Physics, Ludw.-Max.-Univ. Munich

Awards & outstanding achievements

  • Appointed Chairman of IEC TC 117 "Solar Thermal Electric Plants"
  • Gödecke-Research Award for young scientists

Major projects

  • Coordination of international (extra-European) activities at ISE
  • Teaching Graduate Courses at the University
  • Supervising MSc and PhD Theses
  • Standardization projects of IEC TC 117