Dr. Thibault Pflug

Project Manager, Building Systems Technology, Division Thermal Systems and Building Technolgies

Research focus

  • Development and optimisation of innovative ventilation systems and concepts for the residential sector and renovation
  • Modelisation and optimisation of innovative ventilation systems on device level (pressure drops, energy efficiency,…), room level (CFD) and building level (building energy simulation, airflow network).
  • Measurement and characterisation of ventilation systems in the laboratory: energy efficiency, pressure drops, etc.
  • Measurement and characterisation of ventilation systems and comfort in dwellings: indoor air quality, ventilation efficiency, etc.
  • Development of façade-integrated ventilation devices and concepts for renovation.

Curriculum vitae

Since 10/17: Project Manager - Fraunhofer ISE – Freiburg: development and of innovative ventilation systems for residential buildings.    
09/16 - 08/17: Postdoc - Fraunhofer ISE, INSA Strasbourg - Freiburg: Modelling and development of ventilated facade elements.    
11/12 - 07/16: PhD - Fraunhofer ISE and Université de Strasbourg - Feiburg: Development, Characterization and Evaluation of switchable facade elements.PhD Thesis: http://www.theses.fr/en/2016STRAD017    
02/12 – 08/12 Diploma thesis – Fraunhofer ISE – Freiburg: Measurement and simulation of semi-transparent solar thermal collectors.    

Awards & outstanding achievements

Price Kepler 2017 (Prix Kepler 2017) for the PhD Thesis „Development, Characterization and Evaluation of switchable facade elements“ (Link: http://www.theses.fr/en/2016STRAD017). This award is given by the Chapitre Saint-Thomas (Strasbourg, https://www.chapitre-saint-thomas.org/aides-financieres/prix-universitaires-strasbourg.html) and carries a price of 2000 €. The award rewards a high level academic work in the field of science and technology. Each year, 7 different thesis are rewarded in different fields out of the circa 500 PhD Thesis that are completed every year at Université de Strasbourg.

Major projects

FIHLS  (Fassaden Integrierte Heizung Lüftung und Sanitär, start in 2016), german national project (BMWi): integration of HVAC in the facade for the renovation of residential building. Development of ventilation devices and their control strategies.    
HEAVEN (HEAting and VENtilation, start in 2017) , German national project (BMWi): investigation and characterisation of decentralised ventilation devices.    
RENOZEB, European project (since 2017): development and demonstration of multifunctional facades integrating HVAC.    
WAMAFAT (Integriertes Wärmemanagement-Fassadenelement, until 2015), German national project (BMWi): development of switchable insulation systems.    
INSPIRE, European project (until 2016): Systemic energy renovation of buildings, development of multifunctional element including a ventilated window and HVAC.    


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018A BIM-compatible framework to assess the thermal and optical performance of envelope systems
Boudhaim, M.; Pflug, T.; Bueno, B.; Siroux, M.; Kuhn, T.
Conference Paper
2018Modeling of facade elements with switchable U-value
Pflug, T.; Nestle, N.; Kuhn, T.; Siroux, M.; Maurer, C.
Journal Article
2018Temperaturabhängiger Schaltmechanismus und dessen Verwendung
Gschwander, Stefan; Kuhn, Tilmann; Maurer, Christoph; Pflug, Thibault
2017A co-simulation modelling approach for the assessment of a ventilated double-skin complex fenestration system coupled with a compact fan-coil unit
Bueno, B.; Street, M.; Pflug, T.; Braesch, C.
Journal Article
2017Potential analysis of a new removable insulation system
Pflug, T.; Bueno, B.; Siroux, M.; Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
2016Development, characterization and evaluation of switchable façade elements
Pflug, Thibault; Kuhn, Tilmann (Betreuer); Maurer, Christoph (Betreuer)
2015Closed translucent facade elements with switchable U-value - a novel option for energy management via the facade
Pflug, T.; Kuhn, T.E.; Nörenberg, R.; Glück, A.; Nestle, N.; Maurer, C.
Journal Article
2015Présentation d'un modèle détaillé d'isolation commutable: Paper presented at Congré Francais de Thermique 2015, La Rochelle, France, 26.05.2015-29.05.2015
Pflug, T.; Siroux, M.; Nestle, N.; Maurer, C.
2014First measurement results of a pilot building with transparent façade collectors
Maurer, C.; Gasnier, D.; Pflug, T.; Plešec, P.; Hafner, J.; Jordan, S.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2013Evaluation of a simplified model for façade collectors
Pflug, T.; Lauro, P. di; Kuhn, T.; Maurer, C.
Conference Paper
2012Solar heating and cooling with transparent façade collectors in a demonstration building
Maurer, C.; Pflug, T.; Lauro, P. di; Hafner, J.; Knez, F.; Jordan, S.; Hermann, M.; Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
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