Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. David Fischer

Project Manager, Energy Management and Grids, Department Intersectoral Energy Systems and Grid Integration

Short biography

David Fischer is with Fraunhofer ISE since late 2012 and works as senior researcher and project manager in the group of smart girds within the department of electrical energy systems. His focus is on the controls of power2heat and power2gas units on the level of individual buildings and neighbourhoods. Further he is the creator and main developer of the synPRO model (www.elink.tools) for energy flows in households and residential areas, including electricity, heat and mobility. He currently coordinates and supervises the research activity  focused towards the data-driven modelling of non-residential energy demand (synGHD project) and the use of AI for energy demand forecasting (SmartBadenMonitor).


Over the recent years he actively managed and contributed to over 12 research and development projects with the focus on heat pumps, market integration of thermal-electric appliances and modelling of residential energy consumption and is the author of more than 30 publications most of them in internationally reviewed journals.

Before coming to Fraunhofer ISE graduated with distinction in mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University specializing on controls of energy systems. Further he holds a diploma in engineering economics from RWTH Aachen University. In 2017 he received a Ph.D. at Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm with the topic „Heat Pumps in Smart Grids".

Major projects

WPsmart im Bestand
Smart controls of heat pump pools
Green Heat Pump
Model Predictive Controls of a variable speed air-source heat pump
synPRO Stochastic bottom-up model for residential energy consumption
Origin Optimising energy communities
Kommunaler Energieverbund
Power2gas in distribution grid applications
PV – Klima Using PV heating and cooling with heat pumps for load shifting
synGHD Synthetic Load Profiles for an Efficient Energy Supply Planning in Non-residential Buildings


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020From residential electric load profiles to flexibility profiles: A stochastic bottom-up approach
Fischer, D.; Surmann, A.; Biener, W.; Selinger-Lutz, O.
Journal Article
2020Impact of emerging technologies on the electricity load profile of residential areas
Fischer, D.; Surmann, A.; Lindberg, K.B.
Journal Article
2019Electric Vehicles' Impacts on Residential Electric Local Profiles - A Stochastic Modelling Approach Considering Socio-Economic, Behavioural and Spatial Factors
Fischer, D.; Harbrecht, A.; Surmann, A.; McKenna, R.
Journal Article
2019Energy Network Freiburg: Hydrogen Generation & Injection in the Context of Municipal Distribution Grids: Presentation held at 13th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany, 13th of March 2019
Voglstätter, C.; Fischer, D.; Kaufmann, F.
2019Long-term electricity load forecasting: Current and future trends
Lindberg, K.B.; Seljom, P.; Madsen, H.; Fischer, D.; Korpas, M.
Journal Article
2019Stochastic Bottom-up Framework for Load and Flexibility for Agent Based Controls of Energy Communities
Surmann, A.; Chantrel, S.; Fischer, D.; Kohrs, R.; Wittwer, C.
Conference Paper
2018A Concept for Controlling Heat Pump Pools Using the Smart Grid Ready Interface
Fischer, D.; Triebel, M.-A.; Selinger-Lutz, O.
Conference Paper
2018Flexibility assessment of a pool of residential micro combined heat and power systems
Selinger-Lutz, O.; Pratidino, G.; Hollinger, R.; Fischer, D.; Koch, B.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2018Power-to-gas in a smart city context - influence of network restrictions and possible solutions using on-site storage and model predictive controls
Fischer, D.; Kaufmann, F.; Selinger-Lutz, O.; Voglstätter, C.
Journal Article
2018Real live demonstration of MPC for a power-to-gas plant
Fischer, D.; Kaufmann, F.; Hollinger, R.; Voglstätter, C.
Journal Article
2017Comparison of control approaches for variable speed air source heat pumps considering time variable electricity prices and PV
Fischer, D.; Bernhardt, J.; Madani, H.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2017Corrigendum to "Impact of PV and variable prices on optimal system sizing for heat pumps and thermal storage" (vol 128, pg 723, 2016)
Fischer, D.; Lindberg, K.B.; Madani, H.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2017Integrating heat pumps into smart grids: A study on system design, controls and operation
Fischer, David; Palm, Björn (Referent); Madani, Hatef (Supervisor); Wittwer, Christof (Referent)
2017Model-based flexibility assessment of a residential heat pump pool
Fischer, D.; Wolf, T.; Wapler, J.; Hollinger, R.; Madani, H.
Journal Article
2017Modelling the effects of variable tariffs on domestic electric load profiles by use of occupant behavior submodels
Fischer, D.; Stephen, B.; Flunk, A.; Kreifels, N.; Byskov Lindberg, K.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Owens, E.H.
Journal Article
2017On heat pumps in smart grids: A review
Fischer, D.; Madani, H.
Journal Article
2016Comparison of the future residual load in fifteen countries and requirements to grid-supportive building operation
Klein, K.; Killinger, S.; Fischer, D.; Streuling, C.; Salom, J.; Cubi, E.
Conference Paper
2016Cost-optimal energy system design in zero energy buildings with resulting grid impact: A case study of a german multi-family house
Byskov Lindberg, K.; Fischer, D.; Doorman, G.; Korpas, M.; Sartori, I.
Journal Article
2016Droop controlled operation of heat pumps on clustered distribution grids with high PV penetration
Dallmer-Zerbe, K.; Fischer, D.; Biener, W.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Wittwer, C.
Conference Paper
2016Impact of PV and variable prices on optimal system sizing for heat pumps and thermal storage
Fischer, D.; Lindberg, K.B.; Madani, H.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2016Methodology for optimal energy system design of zero energy buildings using mixed-integer linear programming
Byskov Lindberg, K.; Doorman, G.; Fischer, D.; Korpas, M.; Ånestad, A.; Sartori, I.
Journal Article
2016A stochastic bottom-up model for space heating and domestic hot water load profiles for German households
Fischer, D.; Wolf, T.; Scherer, J.; Wille-Haussmann, B.
Journal Article
2016Uncertainty and error analysis of calculation procedures for PV self-consumption and its significance to investment decisions
Kreifels, N.; Killinger, S.; Fischer, D.; Wille-Haussmann, B.
Conference Paper
2015Hourly electricity load modelling of non-residential passive buildings in a Nordic climate
Lindberg, K.B.; Doorman, G.; Chacon, J.E.; Fischer, D.
Conference Paper
2015Impact of HP, CHP, PV and EVs on households' electric load profiles
Fischer, D.; Scherer, J.; Flunk, A.; Kreifels, N.; Byskov-Lindberg, K.; Wille-Haussmann, B.
Conference Paper
2015Model for electric load profiles with high time resolution for German households
Fischer, D.; Härtl, A.; Wille-Haussmann, B.
Journal Article
2015Smart meter enabled control for variable speed heat pumps to increase PV self-consumption
Fischer, D.; Rautenberg, F.; Wirtz, T.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Madani, H.
Conference Paper
2015Test cases for hardware in the loop testing of air to water heat pump systems in a smart grid context
Fischer, D.; Wirtz, T.; Dallmer-Zerbe, K.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Madani, H.
Conference Paper
2014Balancing fluctuating renewable energy generation using cogeneration and heat pump systems
Mueller, S.; Tuth, R.; Fischer, D.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Wittwer, C.
Journal Article
2014Investigation of thermal storage operation strategies with heat pumps in german multi family houses
Fischer, D.; Toral, T.R.; Lindberg, K.B.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Madani, H.
Journal Article
2013Netzdienstleistung durch thermisch-elektrisch gekoppelte systeme
Müller, S.; Velvelidis, V.; Fischer, D.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Wittwer, C.
Conference Paper
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