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On this page we inform you regularly about our press activities.

Current Press Releases
Efficient Solar Power through Industry Oriented Research - Fraunhofer ISE Develops Technologies for Solar Tower Power Plants
Mar 31, 2014

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE develops new technologies for more cost-efficient solar tower power plants using solar thermal energy. Within the cooperation project ”HelioPack”, Fraunhofer researchers together with the industrial partner Solar Tower Technologies AG (STT) of Starnberg develop solutions that allow for significant cost reductions in solar thermal power generation. The project partners aim at cost savings and efficiency gains from an optimised construction of heliostats as well as an improved tracking and control to achieve a more precise concentration of solar beam radiation onto a newly developed receiver.

New Materials with Promising Characteristics Excite Solar Energy Researchers - Fraunhofer ISE Develops Highly Porous Coatings for Improved Performance of Cooling Systems and Heat Pumps
Mar 24, 2014

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems ISE have successfully coated various components with highly porous metal organic frameworks, or MOFs, which have the largest inner surface area of any material known. The industrially useful coating process used on these components has applications in heating and cooling systems, the catalytic manufacturing of chemical materials, gas and liquid detectors and medical technology, among others.

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Karin Schneider, M.A.
Head of Press and Public Relations
Fraunhofer ISE