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Building Management and Operation

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Optimizing the performance of building operations can not only lead to substantial energy savings of 5 to 30 percent but also can result in appreciable cost savings since the optimization measures often require little or no investment expenditure. In the building stock, this applies especially to non-residential buildings, where a more efficient operation can be achieved by merely adjusting the control parameters of the HVAC system.

The indoor environment of residential and office buildings has a major impact on the well-being and productivity of the inhabitants and should offer the highest possible comfort level. In developing a satisfactory concept for building use and comfort, an optimum building management and operation system plays a central role.

The optimization of the building services with the objectives of conserving energy, reducing costs and improving comfort requires an upfront detailed analysis of the operation. In the research area “Building Management and Operation,” we develop and test various analysis techniques and methods for this purpose. These include measurement techniques, data processing and visualization, automated fault detection and diagnostics and model-based optimization.

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Dipl.-Ing. Nicolas Réhault
Building Management and Operation
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